A Guide on Safe Motorcycle Riding


Riding a motorcycle is one of the easiest way to get around a city or town. You can dodge most of the hassle that traffic jams can bring. Also, the feeling of adrenaline rush as you speed up is something that make you feel alive. However, riding a motorcycle is prone to accidents especially if you’re not fully equipped and aware of the things that you need to know.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or a returning rider, you can see below what are things you that you need to consider first to keep your ride safe and enjoyable before hopping in to your motorcycle.

Pick the right motorcycle

There are a lot of powerful motorcycles available in the market and you might get overwhelmed that you end up getting a motorcycle you can’t handle. Keep in mind that when trying out or picking one, make sure that it will be easy for you to get on and off from it. Also, your feet should be lying flat on the ground when you mount your motorcycle and you shouldn’t be tip- toeing. If it feels that it’s heavy, yes it is heavy for you. The best way to know if the motorcycle your eyeing for weeks now is the one for you is to test its comfort ability.

Make sure to have anti- lock brakes

Anti- lock brakes let you take control of your bike’s steering handles even during those times that you have to suddenly stop to avoid an accident or a collision. These anti-lock brakes can greatly help when you’re riding in a slippery road as it gives you more control on your motorcycle movements.

Invest in proper gear

A simple long sleeve shirt and denim pants cannot save you from injuries and scratches when you go down on the road especially your head that needs an actual protection like a helmet. Elbow and knee pads are also important and jackets specialized for motorcycle riders are available in motorcycle shops. If you’re worrying about the weather and heat in wearing leather jackets, don’t. Motorcycle jackets that have breathable mesh are now available and besides, it feels ten degrees colder when you’re speeding up in a freeway.

Be more careful than those who drive cars

Many accidents on the road between a motorcycles rider and a car driver are caused by the one behind the wheels. You will not be able to control anyone else on the road but yourself so make sure and see to it that you’re alert and aware of all the local and national traffic laws.

Check your ride before riding it

Make a full inspection on your motorcycle’s brakes, gas, engine oil, wheels, air pressure and don’t skimp on checking its every nook and cranny to make sure that your motorcycle will not transform into something else when you take it on the road.

Riding motorcycle is fun and it gives you opportunity to discover more things around your place and also inside yourself. Just make sure that it won’t go to waste.