Welcome to Gold Wing Touring Association

Gold Wing Touring Association (GWTA), non-profit touring motorcyclists organization, is an association of touring motorcycle’s fans and enthusiasts. It is an international social organization belonging to the “not-for-profit” category and has several local chapters spread out in the United States of America and Canada. The “Gold Wing” part of the association’s name was derived from the fact that most members, at inception, ride Honda Gold Wing motorcycles. However, this does not restrict new members with different bike types from signing up. The association was formed in September of the year 1987.

The primary reason why the association was formed was so that likeminded motorcyclists from whichever region, could coalesce and have fun while reveling in the spiritual connection associated with fellowship. This is in keeping with the associations’ motto of “Destination Friendship”. It is a known fact that motorcyclists tend to be quite independent and the association regularly organizes fun filled events for their members.

Membership in the Gold Wing Touring Association is open to any motorcyclist who wants to network with enthusiasts who enjoy the motorcycle riding experience and want to participate in events and that are lively and filled with a fun atmosphere. As the association strives to host and provide fun filled events, they also promote safe and mature riding activities among their diverse members.

There are incidental advantages and benefits that are available to motorcyclists who join the association like a towing service and relatively cheaper insurance premiums. Members also have a forum where they can exchange information and network on diverse subjects such as where to get the best deals on motorcycle spare parts, accessories and the best bargain on good insurance packages for their motorcycles. The association’s members are also able to trade information on where to get the best technicians to service and maintain their motorcycles. They also get to know about the local and international motorcycle touring events.

Family membership for joining GWTA is set at US$75 annually and it covers a member and his dependents. There are special offers available whereby a member can pay for 2 year membership upfront and get a three year membership. After that, the member will only be required to update their membership status with a nominal annual fee of US$50. Members can attend GWTA meetings in any chapter in the US or Canada. Members can also attend an annual gathering aptly named the “Gold Rush” usually held at an American or Canadian host hotel.